A GUI for dcraw

That's it: a tool for those who prefer GUIs.

Screenshot of files tab

Screenshot of switches tab


  • Place a copy of dcraw in the same directory of dcrawGUI; you can drag and drop files or select them with a dialog.
  • The program needs a .NET runtime to run. The Links section lists two of the available distributions.


  • dcrawGUI 0.04: the program, frontend for dcraw. The zip includes sources and .NET binaries.
  • dcrawGUI 0.02: compatible with dcraw versions < 8.60.
  • Mono Project or Microsoft .NET: needed to run this application.
  • Dave Coffin's dcraw, a program that can decode Z2's raws as they come from the sd card, and also can deal with NEFs and DNGs; in fact, its aim is to decode every raw file format out there.

ToDo list:

  • Implement a feature of dcraw called 'substract dark frame'.
  • Support for Little CMS related arguments.
  • Let the user choose another location for dcraw.
  • Other things I'm surely still not aware of...


20070305. Version 0.04:

  • Only cosmetic changes aimed to consume less screen real estate.

20070223. Version 0.03:

  • Since dcraw version 8.60 (revision 1.366) bilateral filter is replaced with wavelet denoising. Earlier versions of dcraw can complain if used with this version of the GUI. Use version 0.02 instead if you are not updating to this last version of dcraw.

20070215. Version 0.02:

  • First public version. Tested on Windows only.